Creatively Helping Engage Community (CHEC) Grant
A project of the Fellowship in Jewish Social Entrepreneurship

Launched by List College in 2009, The Fellowship for Jewish Social Entrepreneurship (FJSE) engages List College students in experiential and service learning. Through internships and a weekly seminar, fellows engage with issues of poverty, social injustice and methods of social change in a Jewish framework.  

 The Creatively Helping Engage Community (CHEC) Grant is a new initiative started by the FJSE 2009-2010 Fellows that aims to empower JTS community members to take initiative in changing their world. To achieve this objective, FJSE fellows will award micro grants of up to $1,000 to individuals and groups that seek to engage the JTS community in pursuing social justice.

We fund projects that
Offer creative responses to social justice issues that will educate, mobilize or otherwise positively impact the JTS and surrounding communities.
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